enMøre og Trøndelag Guideservice AS

About us

We are an international team from Norway, Austria, Germany and USA, with a background in tourism for many years.  We have also been serving the tourists industry in our area for the past 15 years.  Therefore, we can offer you great knowledge to fulfill all your expectations.

We look forward to meet you and to have you as our guest in Norway! Please contact us with any enquiry or questions.

Our Management Team:

Arne Sagmo

Branch Office Manager - Trondheim

Arne Sagmo is an educational psychologist, educated from the University of Trondheim and has been involved in the cruise business since 1969, both as shore excursion assistant and 20 years as Cruise Director. For more than 10 years he has worked as a Brand manager in Trondheim for Cruiseships and private groups. 

Christine Lillevik

Excursion Manager

Christine Lillevik has been shore excursion manager on board cruise ships all over the world and has a wide experience with shore excursions and groups.

Michael Hoch

Guide Manager

Michael Hoch has worked as a guide for many years in different countries including Norway and Svaldbard. The last 2 years he has been our guidemanager during the summer season

Sabine Heumann

Office Manager

Sabine Heumann has worked as a guide for many years in scandinavian countries including Svaldbard. One of her passions is travelling with the Coastal steamer (Hurtigruten) where she has worked as a tourleader for groups for over 20 years. Since 2013 she has been our office manager. 

Stig Lillevik

Ship Agent

Stig Lillevik has worked as a Chiefingenieur on board cruiseships and uses his knowledge now mainly as our ships agent.

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