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More than 15 years ago we started serving the tourists who bought excursions when visiting our area of Fjord Norway. As locals, it has been our pleasure to help so many people discover the charm and history of our area. We have trusted relationships with many of the regular cruise liners who visit and pride ourselves on the quality that we are able to provide.

Alongside serving tourists we have also developed our own guide training program, this helps us to ensure that we can better serve our visitors and ensure that the quality and standards that we know clients expect are delivered.

It is our pleasure to give you a personal insight into the area and help your visit be one to remember.

Unique Sights

We show you some of the unique sights and places in Fjord Norway.

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We offer years of experience and years of service to the highest standards.

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Our guides are fully trained and qualified to deliver the very best experience.

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