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Katarzyna Przado
Katarzyna Przado

Katarzyna Przado



My ‘guiding dedication’ is focused mostly on Spanish tourist. As I was living in South of Spain almost for 5 years, I have no problem in comprehend their culture and respond to all their needs. In Seville, where I was studying, I was also working as a town guide and since I made my first steps on Spanish ground, I was always involved in tourism.

I was in touch with so many various cultures and nationalities, that those experiences made me widely open to different insights, proper to different cultures. My background is Icelandic and Polish. Besides Spanish, I can guide in English, Italian and French.

Working here in Norway as a guide the last years helped me a lot to fulfill my dreams about living in Norway and it built the foundation of my todays life.

Personally I am very caught up with Norwegian culture and I am a strong admirer and patient observer of Norway’s nature, which I am very sensible to.  I live on an island in the middle of the Romsdalsfjord, called Sekken.

I love especially long overland tours in the countryside. Also, I am into exploring the mountains and forests around by hiking and trekking, no matter how bad the weather could be ;).

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