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Molde – A Viking Adventure – Håholmen

Haholmen Island
Atlantic Road
In the footsteps of Ragnar Thorseth

A Viking Adventure - Håholmen

Visit the island of Håholmen, home of the explorer Ragnar Thorseth.

Travel across the hills to the Frænfjord and on to Bud, a charming fishing village facing the open ocean. In sight is the impressive Atlantic Ocean Road, built across an ill-reputed stretch of sea dotted with underwater skerries and islets.

Your mode of transport changes to a Viking ship replica, the ‘Saga Siglar’ which Ragnar Thorseth travelled aboard during a world trip. The crossing to Håholmen takes approximately 15 minutes.

Håholmen has been a meeting place, home and working site for fishermen, seamen and traders throughout the centuries. Thorseth inherited Håholmen from his grandfather who lived on the island until 1978. Together with his wife, they have restored the buildings in the village.

Enjoy a short film on Thorseth’s voyages aboard 3 Viking ships, before you sit down for lunch in one of the rustic restaurants. There is also time to have a quick look round this very picturesque fishing village before returning to Geitøya. Your return journey will take you via the fantastic Atlantic Ocean Road, and then follow the Kornstadfjord on the inside, via Eide.

This tour can be arranged as a half day tour as well.

(Duration: approx. 7 hours)


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