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Ålesund – Islands Discovery


Islands Discovery

Discover the scenery and history of the ‘Viking saga islands’ of Giske and Godøy.

The municipality of Giske consists of 4 islands; Giske, Godøy, Vigra and Valderay, which were the centre of power during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. It was also the seat of earls, local kings and Viking chieftains. Your journey will take you through a series of tunnels and bridges to the 2 main islands of Giske and Godøy.

From Ålesund, you’ll travel across the Giske Bridge to the saga island of Giske, the birthplace of the Viking chieftain, Rollo. The municipality was named after this small island because of its historical importance. Giske is fairly flat and fertile with some settlements dating back to the early Bronze Age. A stop will be made to photograph the exterior of the quaint 12th century white marble Giske Church, which was originally the private chapel of a local influential family.

Travelling through a tunnel will bring you to the island of Godøy and the picturesque fishing village of Alnes. There will be a stop at Alnes Lighthouse where, on a clear day, there is a lovely view of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding islands. Refreshments of tea, coffee and Norwegian pancakes can be arranged in the lighthouse café.

Before returning to Ålesund, a stop will be made at a vantage point on Mount Aksla to enjoy breathtaking views.

(Duration: approx. 4 hours)


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Islands Discovery
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