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The landscape at the top of Fjord Norway is full of contrasts. Deep fjords, steep mountains, beautiful villages, traditional summer pasture farms and vibrant island communities await you. Kristiansund, one of Norway’s most unique seaports, is situated on four islands at the ocean’s edge, with a charming harbour in the middle of town. The region offers a wide range of great experiences to suit both active types and those who just want to admire the scenery. Scenic experiences, activities, cultural and culinary experiences are here for your taking.

Where the land meets the ocean lies Kristiansund, a modern town with a busy street life, old cultural monuments and a sea-faring history. It’s one of Norway’s most distinctive towns, oozes charm and bustle. Colourful houses surround the cozy harbour. The town is known as ‘the capital of the klipfish industry’ and it has a population of around 23.000. For centuries, klipfish was the most important export item from Kristiansund. Cod was salted and dried on the smooth rocks along the coast and then consumed as a great delicacy in southern climes. Visit the Norwegian Klipfish Museum and learn about the exciting history of klipfish and also sample this delicacy. Kristiansund is a shopping town with shopping centres, department stores, and exciting, small, unique shops. It also holds its own as a culture town. The opera in Kristiansund is famous and puts on more than 100 performances each year, including a big outdoor opera production in the late summer. The International Nordic Light Festival of Photography and a number of other large and small festivals are also held in the town.

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More Kristiansund Tours

GRIP – The Fishing village from the middle ages
This colourful island, which until 1964 was Norway's smallest municipality has a dramatic history and is only a short boat trip from Kristiansund.
Atlantic Road & Vikings on Håholmen
Includes a visit to Håholmen, the 18th century fishing village that hosts an exhibition about the explorer Ragnar Thorset, who sailed through the Northwest Passage 75 years after Roald Amundsen.
The Atlantic Road with Kvernes Stave Church
The spectacular Atlantic Road is a National Tourist Route with great viewpoints and picnic areas ensure visitors an unforgettable experience with the ocean close at hand.
Fish museum
City Tour with the Norwegian Klippfish Museum
Kristiansund is in an exciting location on four islands that are connected to the town and each other by bridges. We visit all the town’s islands, which are also known as ’lands’.
Harbour sightseeing on the Sundbåten boat
The Sundbåten boat is the world's oldest public transport service and symbolises the very heart of the town as it chugs around the harbour area.

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